Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love the Quilt Cottage!

While up north last week, I found a great little quilt shop called the Quilt Cottage. We were driving up Rt 51 towards Sayner, WI and we passed this shop. As we drove by with my face pressed to the glass of the window, my hubby actually suggested we go back the next day to visit. YAY, hubby!

The building itself is charming - a real log cabin-style. The first floor is crammed with fabrics and they had an extensive "civil war" area with repro vintage fabrics of all colors and patterns. I stayed in that area for a while! There was also a large wool section, a batik section, and a quilting cotton section.

Downstairs is the "bargain basement" with all the sale fabrics plus some cool antique furniture and quilts for sale.

The best part was the upstairs, though. There were three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and large work space with irons and tables. They have classes in the workspace, but the store also rents out the space for quilting retreats. It was so nice! I could imagine myself there with other quilty ladies working on some fun projects and having a great "girls weekend". Anyone wanna go? :)

Of course I bought some great fabrics. I also got a few quilt project patterns on sale and they even gave me a cool reusable canvas tote bag to carry it all. So next time you're in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin....

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