Friday, February 29, 2008

I love Mr. Pulaski!

Why do I love Kasimir Pulaski? Let me count the ways...

1. I get a day off of school because of his heroic actions. According to Wikipedia,

He was a Polish soldier and military commander who fought in the American Revolution under the command of George Washington. Pulaski was a noted cavalryman and played a large role in training Revolutionary troops. He took part in the sieges of Charleston and of Savannah. From 1777 until his death, Pułaski fought in the American Revolutionary War for the independence of the United States. He was a noted cavalryman and, as the "Father of the American Cavalry," created Pulaski's Legion, one of the few cavalry regiments in the American Continental Army. He took part in the Battle of Brandywine, the Siege of Charleston (South Carolina), and the Battle of Savannah (Georgia).

On October 9, 1779, Pułaski — during a cavalry charge, while probing for a weak point in the British lines at the Battle of Savannah — was wounded in the groin by grapeshot. He was carried from the field by several comrades, including Colonel John C. Cooper, and taken aboard the privateer merchant brigantine Wasp. Two days later, without having regained consciousness, he died of his wounds.

2. Ok.. so there's really not a number 2. I'm just happy to get Monday off. Thank goodness I teach in the Chicagoland area.

Sideways house

Here's the house, only sideways. So if you haven't yet seen my new pad, then just touch your left ear to your left shoulder to see it!

Please forgive me, but I've looked and looked for a logical way to rotate my photos to make them upright, but it appears that if they were taken vertically, then even if they were rotated and saved before uploading, they revert back to their original sideways format when they are uploaded here to There have been a few posts about this problem, so I know it's not just me!

Oh, and please let me know if you want to be taken off my "new blog" email list. I'm just so excited about blogging now, that I'm sending them out pretty frequently. Oh, and sorry if some of you can't see my lovely photos. It seems some of you can, and some can't. So once again, not my problem. ;)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oops, no pictures!

Somehow, the picture of my crafting space didn't get in there, so I'm trying again. It looks quite messy in this photo, but hey, that's me. Since I now have a bigger nicer table, I'm trying to keep it cleaner and more tidy than this smaller version.

The reason I had to switch was because when I was using the sewing machine on the table in the picture, it was so unstable that it would jiggle so much it felt like an earthquake was rumbling through the area. So I had to get another one.

I found the new one at C&B - a returned item for a good price. I was a little devious in getting it, too. I didn't tell hubby that I was going to get it. And I decided I wanted a new table NOW! So I was a naughty wife and went behind his back. I had a friend's husband help me transport it from the store to home and carry it upstairs. I assembled and arranged all while hubby was out of town. Of course, he noticed right away. Can't put anything past that one! Oh well. It's all covered with my cutting board and fabric now any way, so that sortof hides the fact that it doesn't match. And I'm much happier with it... and that's really all that matters, right?

hee hee!

I'm also including a picture of Mike the Monkey who I made a few weeks ago for my friend who just had the baby. I think he's super cute, but hubby says he's freaky. Therefore, I propped Mike on the couch to stare at hubby while he was watching TV. I had fun making Mike. I can see myself making more animals in the future.

Too bad he's sideways. Couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture..

That's all for tonight!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My First Blog!

Ok, so this is my very first blog ever and I'm super excited! I've wanted to start a blog for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it. Been too busy with life and all. You know how it is.

But now I'm here and committed to post on a regular basis.

So what's up with me now? I'm just getting ready to start planning for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer again this year. It will be my third on the Teachers for Ta Ta's team. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do it again this year, but I was convinced by several people that it was important that I do it. And I finally agreed. I'll hopefully start training soon. I've been pretty much a slug all winter. I've become addicted to the heating pad and as soon as I sit down on the couch, the cat jumps on me and it's an instant "kitty sedative" for me. I zonk out.

I've also been able to finally put together a crafting area for myself in the spare bedroom. This is now to be called the sewing room or crafting room. Hubby wanted it to be a neat and tidy third bedroom, but that just wasn't gonna happen. I couldn't work on crafts down in the freezing cold basement. My fingers were going numb. So here's my new crafting corner. I actually just got a new table which is bigger and more sturdy, so it looks a bit different now. It's great. It's amazing how much an organized space can inspire you to create.

I've just been working on a baby bag for a friend who just had a baby boy. I altered a pattern to make it more baby-bag-like with lots of pockets. I hope it works well for its purpose!

That's about all for now.