Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oops, no pictures!

Somehow, the picture of my crafting space didn't get in there, so I'm trying again. It looks quite messy in this photo, but hey, that's me. Since I now have a bigger nicer table, I'm trying to keep it cleaner and more tidy than this smaller version.

The reason I had to switch was because when I was using the sewing machine on the table in the picture, it was so unstable that it would jiggle so much it felt like an earthquake was rumbling through the area. So I had to get another one.

I found the new one at C&B - a returned item for a good price. I was a little devious in getting it, too. I didn't tell hubby that I was going to get it. And I decided I wanted a new table NOW! So I was a naughty wife and went behind his back. I had a friend's husband help me transport it from the store to home and carry it upstairs. I assembled and arranged all while hubby was out of town. Of course, he noticed right away. Can't put anything past that one! Oh well. It's all covered with my cutting board and fabric now any way, so that sortof hides the fact that it doesn't match. And I'm much happier with it... and that's really all that matters, right?

hee hee!

I'm also including a picture of Mike the Monkey who I made a few weeks ago for my friend who just had the baby. I think he's super cute, but hubby says he's freaky. Therefore, I propped Mike on the couch to stare at hubby while he was watching TV. I had fun making Mike. I can see myself making more animals in the future.

Too bad he's sideways. Couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture..

That's all for tonight!


Tamara said...

why, what a lovely white space you have in your blog!


I think that having a spot for crafts is IMPORTANT, especially when it's something you love to do, so, carry on!

Sarah said...

wish I could see the pictures! I haven't even tried yet to post any.

Steely Danielle said...

oops! no pictures.
you'll figure it out soon. ;)
it took me forever.

hey, depending on your mom's internet access at work, she can have your blog "fed" to her through a feed reader. go to your dashboard, click help, and then click "sharing my blog". info about feed aggregators are there.

i also use firefox's add-on 'morning coffee' which opens whichever websites i tell it to on a daily basis. i can explain more later.

Florida mom said...

Hi Shannon and friends. It looks like I'm not the only one anxious to hear from our "crafty turtle" more often. Danni I hope you can help with the photo uploads. I want to see more. Stay warm up there! Love, MOM

Crafty Turtle said...

When I look at my blog, I can see all the pictures, and a few folks here at work said they could, too! So why can't everyone see them???