Monday, April 14, 2008

Recent Sewing Project for Monkey Boy...

So my friend Toni just had her cutie-patootie baby, Robert, and was doing a monkey-themed nursery. So I started sewing her a diaper bag using some super-cute monkey material I had found. (see above).

And then, since there was the whole monkey theme goin' on , I decided that Robert needed a Monkey to go with his Monkey bag, so Mike the Monkey was created. (see left at bottom).

I had tried to publish a post a while ago of Mike the Monkey because he was just so durn cute, but for some reason, it wasn't appearing all the time. So here is another pic of Mike the Monkey. I actually grew a bit attached to him before I gave him to Robert (seen here - so cute!). He was my sewing mascot for a while and even came to help Kristie and I during an Avon walk bake sale at school. So I was just a bit sad as I passed him on to his rightful owner.
The bag turned out great. A bit bigger than I had imagined, but really good, nonetheless. I will definitely use that same pattern again if I ever need to do a big baby bag.


Sarah said...

cute fabric! Your bag looks great!

Steely Danielle said...

I loooooovvvveeee him! Can he come to live with me and the pug?