Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Poor Nose

So I've been working down in the basement for the past two days - unpacking boxes and organizing and throwing stuff out. Unfortunately, I have had something fall off a shelf TWICE now and bash me in the nose! Eye-watering, snot-flowing nose bashing!

One object was a metal baking pan, and the other was a jadeite green glass dish. I was more worried about saving the jadeite dish than I was worried about my nose! I love Jadeite! It's an antique! I was actually worried my nose may be broken, but I've come to the conclusion, since I can touch it and there was not a copious flow of blood at the time, that it is merely bruised, not broken.

I guess I need to be more careful when taking things down from high shelves....


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Gamserberg Gazette said...

Hey lady! Hope you don't mind I got through to your site by steelydanielle ;) Hope your nose is doing better and well done for saving the jadeite piece. There is a blog I check out and thought it was right up your alley being crafty turtle and all - check it out: