Thursday, January 10, 2013

The One Hour Before Dinner Mom's Scraps Challenge

I've signed up for several swaps and challenges this year already, and I think they may have been inspired by a recent challenge I participated in with my friend Krommama while I was down in FL visiting my folks.

Krommama (who lives a few hours north of my folks) drove down for a visit and my mom had several bags of fabric scraps for her to go through and take what she wanted.  After she picked what she wanted and we were waiting for dinner to be ready, I posed a challenge.....

The One Hour Before Dinner Mom's Scraps Challenge!

During the one hour before dinner, we had to use only the leftover fabric scraps from my mom to make a 10" x 10" block.  duh.

So we went to work... I chose my favorite colors orange and yellow (after getting these colors approved by Krommama's daughter, that is) and she chose holiday fabrics.  Here are our finished blocks:

Krommama's wonky house block with holiday angel cat

My wonky sunrise block with free motion stitching on Sun

We left these with my mom, of course, so we'll see if she ever does anything with them!  Mom's cat Nala seemed to like the blocks!


Sarah said...

I had such a fun time with you!

Crafty Turtle said...

me too! Next time you get to pick the challenge!