Saturday, January 19, 2013

Settled on Octagonal Orbs

I've been putting off selecting a pattern for my Madrona Rd Challenge quilt until recently.   I was supposed to pick something that was "new to me" or something I hadn't done before.   I browsed the started and finished projects on the MRC Flicker page and was inspired to get started!

I finally settled on Oh, Fransson's Octagonal Orbs block pattern.  She posted a tutorial on the MQG website here.  She also just recently posted her finished quilt.  I adore her bold use of orange, since it is the best color, of course! 
 Here's what I've accomplished so far...

Strip pieced yellows and blues...
 Grays ready to cut and piece
 yellows waiting to be sewn
My planning page.  I was trying out several color combinations from the fabrics I received.  I chose the middle block. 

I have just begun to cut and piece the blocks, so hopefully with the holiday on Monday I can get some serious progress made on this.


Jenny Squawk Scheidt said...

Looking good.

Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see it!

Sarah said...

oooh, i love what you're doing so far!