Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unknown Doo-Dad

My grandmother Kelley was a collector. Depression glass, yarn, costume jewelry, you-name-it. She had closets and rooms full of stuff that she probably hadn't seen in years. When she passed away, my folks inherited a large wooden cabinet full of tiny drawers. Most of the drawers were filled with either buttons or spools of thread (all sorted by colors).

While home for the holidays this year, I raided the cabinet looking for some treasures to use in my sewing adventures. I came across these costume jewelry-looking things. I wasn't sure what they might have been used for, but I thought I might find a new purpose for them.

They have a retractable/extendable little rod on the back. It pushes out longer and then retracts back to it's original length. Do you know what this could be? I'd love to hear if you do!



Gamserberg Gazette said...

Hi Shannon,
I sent off your blog to my Aunt who is pretty smart about this stuff. Hopefully she will respond!

Gamserberg Gazette said...

Her educated guess was what were used before buttons were used...let me know if you find out for real!