Sunday, September 21, 2008

My New Classroom

I have a new classroom this year, which is good for me, since I have so much stuff! I'm also teaching two grade levels of science this year, so I need two whole different curriculum's worth of stuff as well.

I have several "mascots" around my room. Here is the Beaker my mom sent me. He sits on my book display case.

We also got new fancy lab tables this year. Our old tables were at least 30 yrs old and had many wads of gum, carvings, and stains as well as holes in them.

Here are some views of my room from the front and from the back.

I'm feeling like I'm finally getting back into the swing of things in the classroom. It's always such a hard transition for me from summer to school time. And I'm always frightened of change and I had several this year - new room, new curriculum, new team, new students. All is going well, though.

And my other mascot is Mr. Bufo, the toad. He sits on the lab table by my desk at the front of the classroom. He's wonderfully squishy and the kids love him.

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