Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I love my sewing machine!

I'm so SO happy to have my sewing machine! I had been whining and complaining about not having one for so long. When I lived alone, I always seemed to have a roommate with one, so I always borrowed theirs. I even said, that when hubby & I moved into the new house, the first thing I would purchase was a sewing machine.

Luckily, I have a fabulous friend named Marta who donated her old machine to me for free! Hooray! I guess she was tired of hearing me whine? She's so nice! Thanks, Marta!

I got started right away trying to make stuff on it. The first real project I attempted (out of necessity) was a homemade pin cushion.

I found a fun tutorial online and tried it out. It's rather big for a pin cushion, but it works great. It inspired me to go for bigger and better things... like a set of coasters for the coffee table!

My work-friend Kristie and I are going to start a beginning sewing class in a few weeks, so I can learn the ins and outs of a sewing machine and putting something together using a pattern.

Mom would be proud of me - since the last time I think she saw me sew something for real was in Jr. high or high school when I tried to make a pair of shorts and sewed the pockets in backwards and promptly gave up sewing for a while. I think we have to learn to make a skirt in this class. My most recent attempts at sewing have been all pattern-free, which is liberating in a way, but I feel that I really need to learn the basics. Wish me luck!


Steely Danielle said...

you should make a homemade turtle!!!

Sarah said...

I asumed you had a sewing machine. Glad you were able to get one.

and you should make a turtle!

Crafty Turtle said...

Actually, a homemade turtle is in the works! Look for them in a future blog! Yippee! I love turtles!