Friday, March 7, 2008

I am a Horrible Mother

So I was giving Stinky a trim - she tends to get dreadlocks in her fur since she doesn't groom herself regularly. I was working on some of the dingleberries around her butt area and accidentally snipped off a piece of her butt skin! OUCH! I was stupidly using my super-sharp Gingher sewing scissors and didn't realize I had cut her until she yelped and ran for the door.

I feel SO TERRIBLE! She actually seems no worse for the wear. I put some antibacterial ointment on it and she has seemed fine ever since, but boy, do I feel bad. How could I do that to my little kitty baby!!! :(

Here's a recent photo of her exploring in the snow outside our house. We've been getting lots of it lately and she's been dying to go out and sniff around.

You can tell she's a true Yankee Kitty - she seems to LOVE the snow! It doesn't phase her one bit. Good thing she's got extra fuzzy fur growing between her toes!


Steely Danielle said...

How's my baby kitty's tuckus?

Crafty Turtle said...

She's much better now - it's turned into a small scab. She's as lovey as ever!

Sarah said...