Monday, March 24, 2014

I met my Quilting Idol!

Gwen Marston! 

My friend Sarah G introduced me to Gwen Marston's quilting style a long while ago when I started to get back into sewing and quilting.  I have been a fan ever since.  The books I have of hers are literally falling apart.  So when my quilt guild announced she would be our guest speaker for the February meeting, I was beyond words. 

She came and spoke about her newest book, 37 Sketches, and her journey through quilting in solid fabrics.  She brought with her some amazing quilts she has made over the years as well as a lot of the quilts from the 37 Sketches book. 

I got a little veklempt when I went up to speak to her and after much planning of eloquent things to say in my head, all I could utter was "thank you for being so inspirational".  But even though it wasn't all that I had intended to say, it was to the point.  She has been so inspirational to me and so many other quilters, especially modern quilters.  I feel so lucky to have been able to meet her!

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