Sunday, June 14, 2009

Because They Wanted It

So some of my students have discovered my blog. I'm ok with that, really. I post only occasionally and it's mostly about sewing and boring-to-a-teenager stuff. But they were wanting to know when I was going to post about THEM.

They originally found my blog by googling the words "peach Nehi." I had written an ode and included a picture of myself with a bottle of peach Nehi that I had found while on vacation in Kentucky. Well, apparently now, when you google the words "peach Nehi," my picture comes up with a link to my blog. (Word to those of you fellow bloggers - if you don't want to be found, be careful what you post!)

So here's my "Ode to my Middle School Students":

It was real.
It was fun.
But was it really fun?
Yes! Of course it was!
It was middle school!
And you know the most fun part?
It's OVER!
You've graduated.
moved on.
physically, anyway.
Oh, you know you'll be back to visit.
Especially that first year of High School...
When you're the "low man on the totem pole"
the "small fish in the pond."
Just to get a taste of what it was like to be the big fish.
And we'll be glad to see you.

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Heather Kelley said...

They're lucky to have you, Mrs. Dangerfield!!!